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The Research Institute for Housing America of the Mortgage Bankers Association is a 501(c)(3) trust fund. Its chief purpose is to encourage and aid - through grants and sponsored research to distinguished scholars, educational institutions, research facilities, and government organizations - the pursuit of knowledge of mortgage markets and real estate finance.

New Published Reports
A Profile of Housing and Health Among Older Americans 
With the aging of America, policy concerns at the intersection of housing and health for older Americans are growing. This paper examines the housing and health status of older Americans. It provides a profile of the housing, functional status and health status of individuals aged 55 and older, using the most recent data available from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). The paper is designed to lay out basic facts about the current state of housing and health among older Americans, and should be a useful statistical reference for . . .

Mortgage Banking in the United States 1870-1940 
Mortgage banking was a dynamic and entrepreneurial sector during this period that took on different forms and performed several distinct functions. Because of this variation, historical accounts of specific episodes that involved mortgage bankers, or examinations of particular methods that they used, can create a disconnected impression of their activities, business practices and contributions. The goal here is to combine the historical record with evidence about the history of mortgage banking that has been produced since then, into . . .

Immigrant Contributions to Housing Demand in the United States: A Comparison of Recent Decades and Projections to 2020 for the States and Nation 
Immigrants are an important and growing source of demand that has bolstered housing markets in recent decades. As recently as 1990, immigrants were heavily concentrated in a few gateway states, such as California, New York and Florida. More recently, growing numbers of immigrants have located in new destinations throughout the nation. In the aftermath of the 2007 collapse and subsequent stagnation of housing markets in most states, there is a need for better understanding of immigrants’ potential contribution to a recovery of demand f . . .

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MBA Research News
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